Daniel Duh


My name is Daniel Duh, I’m a 31 year old Swede currently living in Helsinki Finland. I’ve played video games since the age of 6, and have over the past 7 years managed to graduate from one of the the world’s best game-development school (The Game Assembly Malmö, Sweden), spent thousands of hours in Autodesk Maya, scripted and made several short games on my own and together with Vast Reality, launched a VR game on Steam. I love making games – from indie to AAA, and I always strive to learn more and be better!


My core strengths are:

• Driven, and will do whatever it takes to succeed and I never give up.

• Fast learner, and I seldom repeat the same mistake twice.

• As an analytical person I tend to look at things from a broader perspective – trying to understand how it’s all tied together.

• Love to collaborate with like-minded people and letting our ideas and concepts flourish into something we can all be proud of.

• I always try to create a safe and encouraging environment around me, where it's natural to not only be yourself, but also to ask for help if necessary.

• I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, not only theoretical but also practical. This mindset has given me a broad general knowledge.



The three most common ways people describe me are:

• Engaged.

• Broad general knowledge.

• Kind with good social abilities.





2017 - 2018

Digitalents - Vast Reality, Helsinki, Finland

I was under contract at Digitalents, Helsinki – to be part of a newly founded company called Vast Reality. There I assisted on many different fields of the development process, such as pipeline refinement, optimization, technical art(simple shader-code and particle effects). However my main field of expertise became 3D-modeling in Maya, sculpting in zBrush, masking and baking with xNormal and of course texturing with Photoshop. During non-hectic hours I have assisted as much as possible to teach what I know about these tools and general AAA art pipelines to other artists in our team.


My main personal achievement was the design, modelling, sculpting and implementation of the current virtual reality 3D menu for our game Heavenly Duel.




It has been an amazing and enriching challenge to say the least – simply because you have to think so differently designing systems and spaces for VR. I truly hope that what I have learned here will take me to new places in the future.



Personal Assistant

2009 - 2017

Hässleholm County, Sweden

Sometimes when I'm travel back to Sweden to visit family and friends I work as a personal assistant, helping sick people get through their daily life.

Communications Tailor


Telenors business department, Malmö, Sweden

Find and tailor different telecommunication kits for small and midsized companies.

Electricity Salesman

2007 - 2008

Allsite, Hässleholm. Sweden

Sell electricity contracts to private customers.

QA Tester


Kane&Lynch Io Interactive A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark

I worked as a QA tester on Kane&Lynch - Dead Men Kane.  I gain full knowledge about Microsoft’s TCR and Sony’s TRC.

Store Clerk

2003 - 2004

Wahlqvist ICA, Hästveda, Sweden

I have been employed at Wahlqvist ICA (think Alepa). I worked full time during holidays. The work consisted of placing orders, mail handling, handling colonial and other handyman tasks.


International Business

2016 - 2017

Arcada University, Helsingfors

Special knowledge – General business-economics, global economics, economic math and financial investment.

The Game Assembly

2011 - 2014

Malmö, Sweden (Higher Vocational Education)

Special knowledge – scrum/agile, importance of deadlines and good teamwork. Learned the importance of deeper knowledge and understanding of different parts of the production.


I have during my time at The Game Assembly, together with my classmates developed eight different computer games, ranging all the way from text adventures to first person shooters. I have been involved in the development of in-house engines, learnt their strengths and flexibility but also their weaknesses and limitations. I worked as a liaison between programmers and graphic artists, which is a position that fits me and my personality well.


The Game Assembly curriculum is written in collaboration with Ubisoft Massive and several other Scandinavian studios,  insuring its close ties to the game industry.



Technical School

2003 - 2006

Hässleholm, Sweden (upper secondary school)

3-year natural science program (math A-E, physics A-B, chemistry A-B and biology A-B).




2003 - 2006

Emergency Service,  Hässleholm, Sverige

I studied to become a part-time firefighter parallel with ordinary studies. This education took three years to finish. It was held four hours every Friday at our local firestation as well as two weeks full time during summer holiday in Örebro in the middle of Sweden. The last and final year we traveled far north to wrap up winter rescuing with a full week of live exercises. A huge part of the training was to be able to act as a operation coordinator between police, firefighters and ambulance under very serious circumstances. Courses included in the program were: basic-firefighting, smoke-and-chemical-diving, winter/ice-rescue, police and law enforcement, search and rescue, sea-rescue, trauma/psychiatry, terrain-rescue, car-crash/first response, HLR, and field medicare.





Unreal Developement Kit

Modeling / Texturing

Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk Maya


Physical Based Rendering

Quixel nDo / dDo

World Machine (Basic/Pro)

Pixologic Z-Brush

Autodesk Mudbox

Autodesk 3D Studio Max




Node-Based (Kismet)

Table-Based (SC2, TQ)


Web-design; code



Adobe Muse

Adobe Dreamweaver


Hardware setup - Computer/Network

Software  setup - Computer/Network

Microsoft Office Suit

Sony Vegas Video


Adobe Premiere Pro


Competence - Dev

2014 - 2015 / 2018

Competence development, mobile applications

During my first year as a newly graduated game developer, I built a brand new portfolio webpage from scratch using html/css which I filled with both new and old projects. I also started making a shoot-em-up in Unity using c#, purely for the mobile market (android/iOS). www.danielduh.se



Competence - Dev

2014 - 2015

Competence development, mobile applications

I was asked via a family contact, to build a new webpage for a midsized company called Gordic which is located in Lönsboda Sweden. www.gordlic.se



Moved to Helsinki

2013 - 2014

Finland for an internship at Silvermile Ldt

Finished my degree in Level-Design and game-development during my internship at a small startup called Silvermile in Helsinki.


Special knowledge - To be part of the startup from the beginning which meant that I had to witness all the problems and obstacles that are involved in creating and establish a new company. Everything from hiring new people to find a suiting workspace. The importance of building a rich network of investors and industry experts as well as the importance of early marketing via social media. Maintaining this curiosity and hype in social media and other outlets helps to determine if the product you're developing will be well received by your target consumers. All of this was simply a priceless experience.





NGC - Volunteer

2012 - 2013

Nordic Game Conference, Malmö, Sweden

Volunteering two years in a row  - I got experiences with great game events.





Raid-Leader WoW

2006 – 2009, 2015-2017

Active Raid/Class - leader, World of Warcraft

From time to time I tend to focus a lot on competitive gaming.  I've for instance several times been an active leader and organizer of 30 other people in World Of Warcraft. This particular position has given me tremendous knowledge of how to organize, compromise and maintain positivity in a large crowd of people from all corners in the world so that we, as a team, can focus on communication, long term goals and success. Other than this, I've been a top 1000 1v1 Quake3Arena player, farmed myself gray in Diablo 1/2/3 and screamed a lot in countless MoBa games.








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